Saudi Polo Federation

The Saudi Polo Federation supervises the Saudi teams, organizes and directs the Polo activities throughout the Kingdom, and represents the Kingdom internationally in conferences, meetings, tournaments, and matches related to polo activities.

About POLO

The game of polo is one of the oldest sports that is practiced on horses trained for this game, the game is played by two teams, each team has four players, the game is controlled by four referees, the game is divided into rounds, each round takes seven and a half minutes, polo is played with a wooden or plastic ball.

Upcoming Events


11 – 12 FEBRUARY 2022

In this high energy, trendy equestrian showcase, the chic Richard Mille AlUla Desert Polo welcomes Adolfo Cambiaso and La Dolfina Saudi Polo Team to the AlUla pitch. Join us for an exhilarating tournament weekend.
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Saudi Polo Federation
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Board Members

Eng. Amr Farid Zidan


Mr. Fahad M. Abu Nayan

Board member

Mr. Abdullatif Abdullah Al Sheikh

Board member

Miss. Rania Mahmoud Nashar

Board member

Miss. Fatima Saad Al-Mutlaq

Board member

Mr. Basil Mohammed Al-Ghalaini

Board member

Mr. Hashem Majid Al-Alawi

Board member

Mr. Majid Fahad Al-Ghuslan

Board member

Miss. Nora Ali Al-Youssef

Board member

President Message

I am pleased to welcome you on the portal of the Saudi Polo Federation, which we hope will actively contribute to serving fans of the game, striving to promoting the sport community on all cultural, artistic and social levels.
We aspire to revive and renew the game in Saudi Arabia, the source of this game, and increasing Saudi players at high technical levels, we pledged to be an honorable representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia outside the Kingdom.


We want to spread the sport of polo in the Kingdom and increase the number of its players, And to become one of the competing federations at the Arab and international level.


To support the teams, clubs and players, and to contribute to raising the technical level of the game and upgrading the level of players in various technical, cultural and social aspects.


  • Publish the game of polo.
  • Increase polo teams, players, and practitioners.
  • Encouraging and supporting talented polo practitioners.
  • We aspire to compete internationally with the federations of other countries.
  • Cooperating with government and private agencies to develop the sport of polo.
  • Educating and advising those interested in the sport of polo.  

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